Welcome To The World of Nkululeko...

I hope you will find out more about me, there is just so much about me I can hardly remember it all myself like the fact that I don't like avocado, I like mutton etc. I am sure you realize now that I can not tell you everything even if I wanted to (not that I don't). 

I’m of nature just loyal, honest and committed hard-working person. Also I remain simple and transparent in everything I do. I know I was made for great things. 


Professionally I am in the construction industry and the main reason is that I just love working in the built environment, being part of something big and change the world as we see it. 

This site is the electronic portfolio of my academic life within the Construction Economics and Management whilst also including other activities I have been involved in outside the field.

For any inquiries or comments, you can email me at nels.nkule@gmail.com


For more info on my professional details follow this link http://www.whoswho.co.za/nkululeko-mncwango-399589


Regards and enjoy as you begin this journey of my life...